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About Us


About & Vision

In 2017, the journey started with a small discussion in the classroom among students of Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University. They form a group that was initially called as Indian association of youth psychologists (IAYP) as a student forum.

Time passes, IAYP organized many awareness programs for nearby people, in the form of the orientation programs, group discussions and seminars.

Present Sphere

Currently Indian association of youth psychologists has been registered as name of “The Psychologists”- An Association of Psychology, where they provide the platform to emerging & young psychologists and also aimed to create awareness, promote research & training, publishing and to make an atmosphere for the students and professional in different field of psychology.

The aim of 'The Psychologists' is to focus on Psychology in a broadened way i.e from learning to implications. Many awareness programs such as Suicide prevention program as well as learning programs such as workshops, webinars, and virtual talks have been conducted for the benefits of young minds. Providing the right path to the young enthusiast of Psychology is the main aim of the organization.

We help scholars to provide them assesiblilty to contact each other throughout the globe on a single platform.

The other motive of this organization to help students to increase their understanding of Psychology which helps them to become better proponents of this field and to enrich this field through their True knowledge and understanding of this field.

The Psychologists' organization is working to shift the narratives of the term 'mental health' more positively and to associate mental health with Positive lifestyle and Personal well being 'The Psychologists' organization working towards bringing awareness in the people that having a healthy mind promotes a healthy body. Seeking help to remove stress, anxiety, and depression as well as a way toward better health in total.

Our aim to bring Positivity and hope towards the lives of the people which help to grow pro-social and altruistic behavior in them, which collectively bring the change in society.

Removing Stigma is the major concern of this organization, taking the first step towards thinking of seeking help from mental health professionals is itself a change in the mindset, and keeping this mind this organization 'The Psychologists' spreading awareness amongst the people.

About Logo

our logo of 'The Psychologists' created which symbolizes our institution which is formed to create learning atmosphere for the psychology students, Professionals and mental health initiatives for the society to enhance their well-being by using psychological principles.

As many of you are well known that The Psychologists is formed by former students of psychology, BHU. We always try to keep the essence of psychology in our life and organization too, so we tried to make it psychologically perfect with facts and details.

Our logo includes brain, Psy of psychology, the name of establishing year. During the entire period of its creation we focus to give it reflections of psychology of our organization through this logo.

The color used in logo that is 'BLUE', sign of stability and reliability, keep us stable and make us focused on our goal, the second one is 'MAROON' color, gives us energy, make us sophisticated and in future it will give us a class in the world of psychology, our establishing year is written in 'RED' color which gives a passion, from the day of establishment, courage and confidence to do something better than others in field of psychology and last but not the least 'BEIGE' color help us to gain positive self esteem.

Our Objectives

  • To promote quality of education, training and research in the field of Psychology in and around India
  • To spread awareness about 'Mental Health' and create knowledge about Psychology and its applications for social welfare.
  • To organize seminar, workshop, conference, debate and fair for the students as well as for professionals
  • To establish and regulate Psychology institutes and Mental Health institutions.
  • To bring all Indian psychology professionals & students together under an umbrella.
  • To implement psychological principal and practices in the Society to enhance the quality of life.
  • To support women and child welfare in the context of mental health.